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Every house has a story. Woodley house has its own.

The property is located on Woodley rd which most of the properties are heavily wooded. 

When I fist visited the property I was amazed by the way the existing house was surrounded by the big trees. 

The design concept shaped based on the idea of creating an architecture that endorse the nature. So the primary spaces were placed along north and south with lots of openings and the 


Great room is the heart and real experience of this house. It's one continuous majestic space that not only connects all the spaces withing the first floor but also connects the spaces on the upper floor. 

This family room is a one unique space that every visitor will remember. It's filled with natural light coming from large windows on the north and frame the beautiful  landscape.



Library is one of the unique spaces that most houses don't have!

At woodley House, the culture of reading has been elevated by providing and extraordinary library experience.  The large window at the end of the library makes it inevitable no to take a book and seat and enjoy the reading experience! 



The slope of the site provided the opportunity to have part of he basement above ground. In this house the basement has two walkout spaces. One facing west going to the backyard and one to the south. What makes this basement so unique is the south walkout which is benefiting from the south light and because of it's placement on top of the slope, it has an amazing view to the  landscape.

Also the front patio is another unique feature of Woodley House.



Living room is usually one of the most expensive part of the house that rarely used. This is not the case in this house!

Placing the living room beside the family room, enables the residents to use both spaces as they desire. When there is no guests, the children can watch a cartoon in the one space while the parents could watch a TV show on the other room. These two spaces are transparent and connected, but an iconic fireplace separates the two spaces.

The large size openings on the north side connects the living room to the outside.



There are a lot of beautiful master bedrooms out there. But what sets this one outstanding is the balcony overlooking the amazing view and the backyard.

Imagine after finishing a long day at work you come home and all you need is to have some relaxing time for yourself. You will stand in the Bedroom's balcony and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

V12_Master BR.jpg


A house should create experiences for different times of the year. The Front patio contains two elements that create unique experiences for each season. During the warm season the front pond create the sound of water fall and during the cold season the outdoor fire place makes it possible to enjoy the outside experience. 



What sets this dining room outstanding is it's placement withing the floor plan. The dining room is facing south, surrounded by the balcony from two sides. a large 8' x 4' window in the center frames the beautiful outside view, while two large windows on the east let the light penetrate into the space.


Master closet

Master closet is one of the spaces that is usually neglected.In fact, it's one of the spaces that is very important for couples, specially the ladies.

At Woodley House instead of having too small walking closets, we preferred to have one spacious elegant walking closet and let the couples fill the space as they like!

The closet is upgraded with cabinetry and hidden lights.

V10 Master Closet.jpg


Most people might don't pay attention to  structure until they see the columns in the main space. In woodley house, by using glue lam beams the spam of each beam has been extended to the maximum enabling to eliminate the structural columns withing the main spaces and creating an uninterrupted floor plan.

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