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This apartment had copious square footage to work with, yet was previously hindered by demising walls that isolated the space into smaller, less efficient portions. The removal of these walls during the remodel allowed for continuous open space, where programmatic layout could become more fluid and integrated together, overall enabling the space to function more effectively. 

The sizable living room can host ample seating and additional custom-designed furniture in a comfortable arrangement, with the open concept plan bleeding into the substantial kitchen area, cleverly partitioned by the enormous fifteen-foot waterfall island. It's dark stone countertop is balanced by clean white cabinetry and introduces the interplay of neutral contrasts in the space, with its features illuminated by built-in cove lighting and a custom twelve-foot linear chandelier above the island in the tray ceiling. This spatial organization of the kitchen and living room was constructed to become much more inviting than its previous orientation, which had the two central spaces separated by walls. Its new formation is enhanced by the addition of a narrow terrace running alongside it, which creates a partition between the home and the street traffic beyond, and gives a wash of green with the planted bamboo organic wall for an additional level of privacy.

The family room off to the side of the central spaces provides alternative connectivity between the home’s core, while producing a cozier environment just separate enough from the hub to make it In the middle the family room. Further to the right is the corridor with bedrooms branching off, the most impressive, of course, being the master bedroom: mirrored closet doors seemingly enlarge the room, which also benefits from the bamboo and steel frame privacy wall on the terrace outside. The application of tray ceilings from the main spaces is continued into the master suite for added detail. The master bathroom includes stone finishes to carry on the natural ambiance that the home manifests.

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