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We are different from any other developers. The design has a significant value to us. We believe that a good design will result in an added value. Other builders build cookie cutter houses. They cut their costs on the design because they think they can make more profit. They are wrong! We believe people can differentiate a well-designed house from a cookie cutter one.

I remember my dad used to tell me that making money is not difficult at all! You do your job the best way possible and money will follow you!

Every project, every family, and every site have their own stories.  We love to listen to their stories and tailor fit the design to the needs of the project.

We are sick of seeing copy-paste/ no spirit houses in neighborhoods. That must change. And when we start making that change, the other developers can’t compete with us unless they adopt the same method and that’s how we see the future changes as well as our cities.

Our buildings represent who we are and who we were (in the future)

Architecture shapes the history, tells stories about our generation, how we lived and how we thought!

We like to rethink our living spaces and how they function today. For instance, Do we really need a formal living room that is barely used? How can we redefine its function so it could be used more often and we could have more space to live.

The material selection is a different subject. Most builders select the material of their choice, instead of hiring a professional architect or interior designer perform that task. That’s why you see very strange material selections in some new construction houses on the market and you ask what was the builder think??  

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