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The team at our design + build company is here to give you peace of mind throughout the process of creating your ideal home. We have broken the home design process down into five stages to help provide insight to our clients about the anticipated schedules for each project.

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PHASE 01: introduction & logistics

Estimated Timeline: 2 Weeks



The Gol Homes team is so excited that you’ve chosen to work with us! We can assure you that you have chosen the best luxury design-build company 


In this Introductory Meeting, one of the Gol Homes team members will discuss the various details of your project with you. By the end of the meeting, you can expect a 



The next necessary step in the process is the agreement: we will confirm that the client’s needs and project requirements are on track to be met throughout the design and construction development, and verify the costs of and timeline of project delivery. Once the AIA Standard lump sum contract has been signed, Phase 02 may proceed.



Estimated Timeline: 6-8 Weeks

The creative aspects of the process begins as soon as all agreements have been approved by the parties involved in the project. The Conceptual Design Phase addresses the design elements of the project as discussed with the client, so as to lay out the framework to achieve the client’s overall vision.


Next is the Design Development Phase, which involves a more detailed analysis of project drawings and specifications that are required for the construction drawings to eventually be carried out, which is the next step in the process. Finally, the interior design plan for the project is reviewed, and final finishes, fixtures and furniture are selected to complete the vision of the perfect home.



Estimated Timeline: 3-6 months

The permit stage requires the permission of the local government to build out the design according to zoning standards and other regulations. This can sometimes be a time-consuming process due to the application processes, the amount of departments that need to give approval, and any revisions needed to make the design appropriate for the site. Each permit application is approved individually, so please be patient! Your project is well on its way to becoming the home of your dreams.



Estimated Timeline: 6-10 months

Arguably the most exciting phase of the process is when ground is finally broken to begin physically developing the residential project. In order for your dream home to materialize, our builders will need to execute demolitions of any existing site conditions that need to take place, in addition to setting the foundation, framing the structure, installing insulation, drywall, plumbing, electrical, and all other systems specified for your home. Following this, paint and other finishes are incorporated into the structure. Lastly, cleaning and landscaping are the final tasks to be completed in the Construction Phase.



Estimated Timeline: 12-16 months

Just like that, your dream home is completed! As the homeowner, all that is left for you to do is to obtain the occupancy certificate. Once you have received it, the home is yours to enjoy!

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